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Multi-family / Strata roofing

We understand the need of strata roof replacements and how hard it is on strata agents and companies to. Find the right roofing company who is experienced in strata roofing, and mindful of all of the residence. J Canadian roofing guarantees all strata residence will be as happy as us at the end of the project.


Our experienced team has strict rules for strata cleanup and hours of operation. When roofing a strata complex we try and go the most safest route possible. We try to load all material on ground if possible and use our boom lift. We use our own mobile dump trailers which can be parked off to the side at the end of the day so we aren’t blocking residence activity.


We provide full Service for all strata roofing needs including asphalt hingles, metal roofing, torchon roofing, gutters, plywood and fascia.

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